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Winners of the Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2022

Photography is not just a form of art. It is a medium that has applications in numerous fields and matters. ‘Nature conservation’ is such an area where photographs can play a tremendous role.

Conservation photography is the active use of the photographic process and its products, within the parameters of photojournalism, to advocate for conservation outcomes.


If you wonder what can be classified as a nature conservation photograph, generally it can be either of follows.

  • a photograph of an endangered animal in its natural habitat
  • a photograph of endangered plants or trees in the natural environment
  • a photograph of a preserved landspace
  • a photograph of a conservation activity
  • a photograph that showcases an indirect threat towards nature posed by human activities
  • a photograph that witnesses the direct destruction of nature

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest is an annual international photography competition organised by The Nature Conservancy to celebrate and encourage such photographs. The winners of the 2022 contest were released recently. Here are the winning photographs.

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Grand Prize Winner

Li Ping, China

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Branching Out

Guest Judge Ami Vitale’s Winner

Shafeeq Mulla, Zambia

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
An Unforgiving kingdom

Celebrity Judge Coyote Peterson’s Winner

Florian Ledoux, Norway

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Breastfeeding in Town


First Place – Francisco Javier Munuera González, Spain


Second Place – Hendy Wicaksono, Indonesia

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Mystical Bromo

People and Nature

First Place – Janusz Jurek, Poland

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

Second Place – Komang Arnawa, Indonesia

Abundant Nets

A conservation photograph can help conservation efforts in various ways, such as:

  • raising public awareness
  • helping to get the attention of conservation organizations towards a certain matter
  • ability to be used as legal evidence in front of a court
  • helping zoologists to study wildlife in order to save them


First Place – Sandesh Kadur, India

Lizards and Windmills

Second Place – Amish Jain, India

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Cleaning the Lakes


First Place – Kristin Wright, United States

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Braided River

Second Place – Nick Leopold Sordo, Mexico

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Las Coloradas, Yucatán

Plants and Fungi

First Place – Callie Chee, Australia

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Ghost Mushrooms

Second Place – Xiaoling Keller, United States

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Soaptree Yucca


First Place – Anup Shah, United Kingdom

Morani and Friend

Second Place – Panos Laskarakis, Greece

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest
Giant in Dust

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