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Stunning Photographs from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year – 2021

The contest for “The Wildlife Photographer of the Year” for 2021 was held recently for the 57th time. In response to a large number of applications totalling over 50,000 photographs streaming in from all over the world, the National History Museum presented this world-renowned photography contest.

Since the photographers were unable to travel as frequently as they used to, there has been a lot of discussion regarding this year’s competition. So, it has been a massive struggle for them to gather their incredible images to submit. However, despite all of the difficulties, many entrants continued to submit their photographs, and the competition continued as usual. So, to bring attention to some of the most incredible wildlife photographers on the planet, we will be reviewing the 16 most extraordinary images submitted to this competition.

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This tournament began in 1984 and has continued until this day. During a recent interview with Bored Panda, Buddhini De Soyza, one of the commended photographers for her shot of four cheetahs swimming through tricky waters, shared her thoughts on the award. In Kenya, this was shot in the middle of a river. The photographer’s crews have been on the lookout for five male Cheetahs that have been seen roaming up and down the river bank. After being fatigued after waiting for hours, the squad was about to disband when the leader jumped into the rapids and began swimming against the current. Three others jumped into the lead right away.

One resisted and stayed back on the bank of the river at first. That is why he is missing in the photograph. Anyhow, it is said that he also jumped later and reached the other bank safely.

Photographer indicated that these were much rougher rapids than the regular Cheetah haunts. She brilliantly caught the brave four swimmers brawling with the rapids to make it to the other side alive.

Rakesh Pulapa (India) – The Bigger Picture – Wetlands

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