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The Independent Photographer’s Contest’s Top 10 Street Photographs

In February 2021, The Independent Photographer held its monthly picture contest. The topic was ‘Street Photography’. Here are the top 10 street photographs from the contest, which shows some unique and interesting perspectives of the common streets.

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#1 Joseph – Philippe Bevillard – 2nd Prize

Street Photographs
“After Church Wedding”- Wexford, Ireland, 2019

Irish travelling community ladies and girls are getting together after church. As of age 3 are in high heels, cosmetics, tanning. There are colourful costumes as a component of their tradition.

The photograph was taken during a traveller’s wedding in Wexford. The mom on the left, adjusting her daughter’s clothes with a cigarette in the mouth, is amazing. That’s with the layers of pink outfits that form an excellent picture. Also, it is a co-incident that the 2 winners reduced a difficult real-life scenario into nicely balanced photographs.

#2 Giuliano Lo Re

Street Photographs
“The Train for Jaipur”- India

They travel from New Delhi to Jaipur while people are relaxing inside the train. For a few hours throughout the ride, the wagon serves as their home. Other individuals are buried in their thoughts while resting on the chairs while some brush, shave, or prepare meals.

#3 Marcel Van Balken

Street Photographs
“Repair”- Dordogne, France

Someone underneath the vehicle indicates that the vehicle may have been damaged. Yet, it’s not really apparent what the woman is attempting to achieve. Maybe she’s attempting to repair the automobile while her dog sits in the car. Her doggy doesn’t seem satisfied with it. 

#4 Monia Marchionni – 3rd Prize

Street Photographs
“The gardens from the sky”- Cuba

On a summer day, members of an Italian-Cuban family relax at a beachfront home.

Vivid and profoundly expressive, Monia Marchionni’s impeccably-timed abilities portray the richness of family life. Capturing each person’s distinctiveness with equal clarity displays how a clearly random scenario can be changed by the lens of a great photographer.

#5 Orna Naor

“Children looking through the glass”- Beni Brak, Israel, 2000

#6 Carlos Antonorsi

Street Photographs
“Fantasy Alley”- Hollywood Beach, Florida, USA, 2020

#7 Florian Lang – 1st Prize

Street Photographs
“Buddhist Roadside Shrine”- Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2020

People are visiting a Buddhist roadside shrine situated near Siem Reap. Judges had offered their criticism stating, one of the features of an excellent street shot is to have every piece aligned up, so out of a random mass of people, items along the backdrop share space to breathe. Everything fits in this Buddhist temple composition in Cambodia, and the worshippers have genuine responsibilities within the frame. Errors are not detected readily in this shot, and that he is aware of how hard this is to capture.

#8 Andrew Biraj

“Workers in a shipyard”- Dhaka, Bangladesh

#9 Lorenzo Caten

Street Photographs
“La comitiva”- Paola, Calabria, Italy, 2020

#10 Susanne Grether

“Workout session”- Varanasi, India, 2020

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