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Perfectly Imperfect – A Photographer Captures the Beauty of Imperfections of Dogs

Alex Cearns is a renowned Australian pet photographer with a deep passion for capturing the beauty and resilience of animals. Alex has gained widespread recognition for her heartwarming portraits, particularly of dogs. Her work emphasizes the extraordinary qualities of her subjects and the profound bond between humans and animals. As an award-winning photographer, she has received a number of awards for her talent and dedication to showcasing animals in a captivating and inspiring light.

In a delightful new book by the photographer, we meet some extraordinary dogs who are perfectly imperfect. Cearns’ heartwarming photo collection contains photographs of dogs who have a vast range of physical deformities and injuries, where some are done by their cruel ex-owners. Through Cearns’ lens, these dogs’ unique beauty and inner strength shine bright. Her portraits capture their sweetness, resilience, and unwavering spirit.

“As an animal photographer, my goal is to capture the special qualities that make each animal unique and beloved,” says Cearns. “I love all the animals I’ve photographed, but there’s something truly special about those who are considered different. These are dogs who have faced challenges head-on, whether it’s losing a limb, being born blind, or carrying the scars of past mistreatment.”

#1 Mya- She is Blind

Perfectly Imperfect

#2 Aryah – She Was Crushed in the Womb

Perfectly Imperfect

#3 Jessie – Who Loves Her Wheels

Perfectly Imperfect

Cearns emphasizes that most of these “imperfect” animals don’t dwell on their limitations. They adapt with remarkable resilience and tackle life’s hurdles without complaint. Their unbreakable spirit and eagerness to be part of every moment, just like any other dog, are truly inspiring.

“I’m constantly amazed by the resilience of animals in the face of adversity,” she adds. “They embrace life fully, and I’ve learned an invaluable lesson from them – always find the silver lining in every situation and never give up.”

#4 Jakk – Born with Malformed Front Legs

Perfectly Imperfect

#5 Dot – Missing an Eye

Perfectly Imperfect

#6 Lady Bug – She is Blind

Perfectly Imperfect

#7 Vegemite – Has Lost One Eye

“Perfect Imperfection – Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love” is a heartwarming book for dog enthusiasts, fans of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection), and anyone in need of inspiration. Plus, a portion of each book sale goes to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation, supporting their quest to cure canine cancer.

#8 Raul in His Wheels

#9 Bali Pip – Was Afflicted with Mange

#10 Bandit – Was Attacked With Acid

#11 Reuben and Keisha in Wheelchairs

#12 These Two Puppies Were Infected

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