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‘Best Case Scenario’ – Photographer Captures Untold Stories of Parenthood

In some genres of photography, we always capture the scene as it is, such as Wildlife photography, Street photography, Landscape photography, etc. But in some, we tend to deviate from reality and present composed or staged situations. For instance, Fashion & Glamour photography, Child photography and Family photography can be highlighted.

If we talk about child and family photography specifically, the photographer always tries to make the surround extra clean and neat. The same goes for the subjects of the photographs. The photographer always wants everybody to be clean, well dressed and have a beautiful smile on their faces. The final output would be an exceptional scene where everything is perfect.

But for the parents who have infants or toddlers at home, the truth cannot be any further from these photographs. The actual scenario is exactly the opposite of clean and neat. But the thing is, the photographers are not willing to capture that truth. However, this American photographer, Danielle Sapienza, dared to break the norm and capture the real struggle of being parents. She named the project as ‘Best Case Scenario’.

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Best Case Scenario
Parenting is Exhausting…
Best Case Scenario
Keep Your Head in the Game
Best Case Scenario
Just Another Mouth to Feed
Best Case Scenario
Oh NO!!!
Got Milk…Yet?

In an interview with PopSugar, Danielle Sapienza explains how the idea of ‘Best Case Scenario’ struck her.

“I have a regular client that I photograph, and I was over at her house. It was at the end of the session, and the mom, who is always a total blast, just laid down on the couch, and I said we should do a funny one. She has a wonderful sense of humor, vand she was all about it! And then it just spiraled out of control in a really great way.”

That is when the photograph ‘Parenting is Exhausting…’ (first photograph) was born. And in no time it became a running series of appealing and hilarious images.

Best Case Scenario
Day at the Spa
Best Case Scenario
Check, please!
Best Case Scenario
Fully Loaded
She Got the Bug
Best Case Scenario
Rush Hour

Unlike the fake perfectness in typical family photographs, these photographs contains the brutal reality, always mixed with the humor though. There is no doubt that any parent can relate to these chaos and have a nostalagic smile.

Visit her website for some other interesting projects also. Dont’t forget to share your thoughts on these outstanding photographs.

Best Case Scenario
Hold on a sec…
Playdate (IN)Sanity
Escape Plan
Best Case Scenario
Clean up on Aisle 5!
Loser Unpacks It All
Keepin it Reel

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